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For less.

TalentSpa can help you reach the ideal candidates you never thought existed. We offer completely transparent fixed fee pricing that you can trust and our innovative, smart approach enables us to consistently outperform the traditional recruitment model. We help to underpin the efficiency of in-house recruitment teams in organisations of all sizes. 


TalentSpa.co.uk - The UK Leading Fixed Price Low cost Recruitment, cheap recruitment service

Why fixed price recruitment works . . 

Our fixed price recruitment model eliminates many of the things hiring managers find unacceptable about the more traditional recruitment models. We’ve got rid of the percentage-based fees and the intrinsic conflicts-of-interest they cause that leave hirers wondering what a recruitment agency could possibly have done for all that money.


And we've added in components that executive search buyers have long been asking for.  Things like complete transparency, assistance with writing job advertisements, details of every applicant, feedback on applicant numbers. This helps to build trust and informs decision making. It also allows you to make additional hires at no additional cost.


Finally, we make searching smarter, because we firmly believe this is the only way to really raise the bar. Our comprehensive search technology and smart semantic screening gives us the capability to cover more ground for less cost – a benefit we pass on directly to our clients.




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Greater Reach

We can deliver first class talent you never thought existed because we can reach way beyond the standard recruitment networks and tap into exclusive sources and little-known databases to find the best possible candidates.   Our candidate search capability is one of the most extensive in the UK and reaches over 7 million active candidates and 20 million passive candidates every day, making sure your vacancy reaches more of the right type of candidates.



low cost recruitment

Accurate Screening

By combining our extensive candidate reach with our unique, powerful search technology, we can cover more ground, more accurately and faster than almost any other recruitment resource. If the right candidate is out there, we have the best chance of finding them. We consistently deliver top drawer talent that others miss by making search smarter. We reduce your risk by bringing down costs and delivering faster-better talent acquisition you just can’t get anywhere else.

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More Powerful


Our inteligent semantic screening technology takes the grind - and the cost - out of filtering suitable candidates to arrive at an accurate and concise short list for almost every role, quickly and cost effectively. We provide a recruitment experience with complete transparency and tangible due diligence. We’re happy to provide all of the candidate data that we collect for your jobs. This transparency helps to create greater trust and encourages collaboration. 

low cost recruitment

Simple Pricing