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Make in-house recruitment easier than ever with TalentSpa’s end-to-end hiring and recruiting software. Combining powerful AI with decades of real, human experience, finding the right candidate has never been more straightforward.

Top recruiting software that helps you…

  • Recruit direct: No need to hire external recruiters – bring your recruitment in-house
  • Save time: Smart AI integration and human filtering make quick work of the recruitment process
  • Save money: Hire the right candidates first time and reduce your overall cost per hire 
  • Access more candidates: Have your job ad posted on several boards and reach a wider talent pool with our automation software
  • Optimise ads: Appeal to the brightest and the best candidates with professionally optimised ads
  • Increase diversity: Diversity in recruitment is essential, and made easier with TalentSpa

What is the TalentSpa Service Approach?

We’ve combined powerful insights from the latest recruitment AI with lived-in knowledge from our recruitment experts to create a dynamic hybrid recruitment software model.

The AI element of our software allows you to optimise job ads using keywords and inclusive language, all whilst distributing your ad to a wider talent pool across several job boards and employee recruitment hubs. It also allows for greater automation and organisation of the recruitment process, with candidate tracking integrated at every stage to allow for maximum efficiency.

Recruitment is intrinsically human, and things like candidate screening are often best left to people. This is where our team comes in; working side by side with the AI element of the software to screen applicants and rank them using a suitability score system. We have decades of experience in recruitment and offer outstanding customer service and support to in-house recruiters and HR professionals managing the hiring process. 

We are the only recruitment software provider that blends the power of technology with the expertise and support of humans – enabling us to give you a comprehensive, turn-key recruitment solution that allows you to bring your recruitment in-house quickly and easily.

Features of the TalentSpa Hiring and Recruiting Software

Recruitment can be laborious and long-winded, and it can also be costly if you get it wrong. If you’re not exclusively trained in recruitment, it can be hard to gain the knowledge to confidently bring the process in-house and make the right decisions to help build and grow your team. Our intelligent recruitment platform helps businesses take the power back from recruiters and find the best candidates to join their team – in a more streamlined and manageable way.

Access to a large talent pool

No more flitting between different job boards and recruitment sites, trying to track applicants across several platforms, potentially missing out on the best applicant in the process. Our intelligent system is an integrated solution to in-house recruitment, helping you to source the perfect fit for your team without costing you in terms of both time and money. 

Job ad writing advice

We provide advice on job ad optimisation to ensure you’re following best practices, appealing to the right kind of candidates, and using inclusionary language to broaden your diversity and capture the best applicants in your sector.

Improved efficiency and organisation

The automation element of our hybrid recruitment software allows you to stay more organised and track applicants from the initial point of contact through to the interview stage and beyond. This ensures you’re timely in your response to candidates and aren’t losing them due to poor time management. TalentSpa reduces your cost per hire, helps you find the right candidate first time round, and allows you manage in-house recruitment without impeding on your other tasks.  If you’re looking to bring recruitment in-house, our software is the first step in doing so. Everything you need is in one place.  

Find out more about our leading in-house recruitment software and see how we can revolutionise the way you hire new talent.

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How to Work With Us

Whether you’re just starting out and taking the recruitment reins, or if you regularly hire new people and need a platform that can keep up, we can help. Our smart talent acquisition platform is scalable to your needs and can grow alongside you. 

We offer everything you need to bring hiring candidates in-house. From long-term, custom made recruitment software that is bespoke to your business, to a more generic software that helps you get your footing in recruitment, we have a solution for you. Our flexible software is unlike any other and offers you as much or as little automation as you need. Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to provide advice when needed, but you remain very much in control of the recruitment process.

Recruitment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we’ve made our platform responsive to your individual business needs.

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Who We Work With

We work with businesses that are looking to bring recruitment in-house and develop a recruitment team or process of their own. If you’re looking to move away from recruiting agencies and take a more hands-on approach to hiring, but don’t have the time to create your own software or learn best practices, our platform is ideal. We help HR professionals and team leads/line managers feel confident in recruiting, even if it’s not their area of expertise.

We empower businesses to bring recruitment in-house by taking care of everything. We provide unconditional support and guidance, as well as access to multiple job boards and AI-powered applicant tracking, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions without the need to hire an external agency or pay third-party recruiters.

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    Listen to some of the success stories from our clients who use TalentSpa to recruit for their new hires in-house!

    I’m very pleased with the service from TalentSpa. We filled the position very quickly and this is the most cost effective form of recruitment advertising I have come accross.


    We used TalentSpa to help us recruit new sales executives across the uk. We were very pleased with both the response from potential candidates and the service provided by TalentSpa. We would recommend them to anybody who wants to find new staff cost effectively. 


    I have had nothing but positive experiences using TalentSpa. We have had success recruiting each time we have used them and the website is easy to navigate around and user friendly. The team at TalentSpa are professional and very helpful and I would recommend them to all.



    What is recruitment software?

    Recruitment software allows businesses to hire candidates in-house without the need for external agencies or recruiters.

    Why use recruitment software to improve the recruitment process?

    Hiring software allows you to streamline the recruitment process by providing you with a turn-key solution to job ad automation, tracking applicants across several platforms, and managing the entire recruitment process from one central portal.

    How much does recruitment software cost?

    Pricing for recruitment software varies depending on how advanced you need the software to be to suit your needs. Our Starter plan offers a 30-day free trial and is £199 per month thereafter, our professional plan is £499 per month, and our enterprise plan is £999 per month. 

    Why is the TalentSpa platform better than other alternatives?

    TalentSpa is unlike any other recruitment software. We provide a hybrid solution that combines the power of AI with the experience and support of our knowledgeable experts, giving users the most comprehensive platform to get started with in-house recruitment.

    Will I have access to ongoing customer support?

    Yes, part of our hybrid model is our dedication to outstanding and ongoing customer support whenever you need it.

    Can Talentspa help me with my recruiting strategy?

    Yes, we can help you develop a robust marketing strategy using expert insights and best practices.

    Can TalentSpa software be used by recruitment agencies?

    Yes, but our platform is primarily designed to help businesses bring recruitment in-house and away from agencies.

    Can In-House Recruitment Teams Use the TalentSpa Recruiting Software?

    Our recruitment software is also used extensively by in-house recruiting teams and professionals. We offer a variety of packages, features and services to support any recruitment goal.

    Take control of your recruitment, reduce your cost per hire, diversify your team, and streamline your hiring process with a combination of team support and powerful recruitment software from TalentSpa

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