Month: June 2018

Managing your Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is how individual balances their work and other aspects of life. According to a recent Labour Force survey, stress, depression or anxiety account for 39% of all work-related illnesses. There isn’t one solution to a good work-life...

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The Dangers of Micromanagement

What exactly does it mean? Micromanagement is whereby a manager observes and controls the work of their employees. Most people see it as management’s attempt at digging its fingers deep into the pie of those actually doing the work. Problem is, this...

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How to give valuable interview feedback

Failing to provide candidate feedback after an interview you felt was unsuccessful, is a common detrimental choice that many companies make. Every business has their own way on how they choose to go about attracting talent, but one non-negotiable...

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Do you maintain a Positive Work Environment?

A key factor to a successful company is the working environment. A company will be limited in its successes if employers find the workplace negative or stressful. Adopting and maintaining a positive work environment can be tricky, especially when...

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How can mobile technology unleash your creativity?

Microsoft UK Chief tells us why keeping your employees equipped with the latest tech is the key to workplace creativity. We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and are experiencing a new world of work, dominated by the introduction of exciting...

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