Month: August 2018

Does Your CV blend in or Stand Out?

The ability to get the edge over other job seekers has never been tougher. A Hiring Manager or Recruiter can receive hundreds of CV’s a day to review. Therefore, they are unable to give each individual CV the time they deserve to be studied....

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Skills that are Often Overlooked when Hiring

During the hiring process, a lot of time and effort is inherited in looking for the candidate with the right technical skills or qualifications as opposed to considering the basic soft skills of a candidate. This over-site could lead to you hiring...

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The Qualities of a Successful Team

A strong team ethos can play a significant role in the success and smooth running of an organisation. If employees struggle to work well together, problems can arise, such as poor organisation, missed deadlines and conflict within the workplace. So,...

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Bad Habits that Recruiters need to be Aware of

Doing a job day in day out, means it’s hard not to develop habits. However, in an ever-evolving industry such as recruitment, old habits could result in you missing out on the best talent. It is key that recruiters adapt with the industry and get...

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Simple Strategies to Ensure Staff Retention

When it comes to managing your employees, it’s imperative you have the correct balance between keeping your employees engaged and motivated and ensuring they are happy. If you push your staff too hard, they will end up unhappy and unproductive, while...

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How Effective is your Candidate Experience?

Poor candidate experience creates significant reputational risks for employer brands. Employers do not have bad intentions, however with the pressures or hiring new talent, and fast, this causes a break down in communication between the organisations...

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What Job Seekers want to Know about Your Organisation

Factors such as the size of the team, the working hours and the office environment can be just as important as the position itself to an individual that is looking for their next opportunity. So, when looking for a new job, candidates want to build...

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