Month: December 2019

HR – The Golden Child

HR managers can often find themselves placed on a corporate pedestal. The externally (and sometimes self) inflicted need to appear perfect, can at some points seem intangible, overwhelming, and a little bit counter-human. However, in order to maintain...

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5 Signs A Candidate Is Exaggerating

For the majority of recruiters, they don’t think twice about taking candidates at face value. With hundreds of CV’s to go through, interviews to schedule and urgent vacancies to fill, you’re unlikely to have the time to thoroughly dig into a...

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How To Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

There are around nine working hours in each day, however for many, this does not always feel like enough time to complete work obligations and tasks. Subsequently, this can leave your employees feeling stressed, overworked and extremely overwhelmed....

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Things you Should Promote when Recruiting Millennials

It’s estimated that millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020. As most of them are digital-focused, they will bridge the gap between tech-driven industries and the skill-sets they require. That is why this generation is sought after...

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How To Cut Down on Recruitment Costs

Every business that has ever hired an employee (so every business), has felt the crippling costs of the hiring process. The average cost-per-hire for an organization can total to a painful £30,000, according to Oxford Economics. For companies who...

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8 Tips To Impress Your New Employer

So you’ve started a new job? It’s a challenge for anyone. There’s the pressure of being assessed, learning everyone’s names, and finding your way around. We want to help you get through this, so read out top tips to impress your new employer.  Managing...

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