AI Job Advert Diversity Checker

How it Works

1. Upload/copy the job advert you’d like our AI to check for diveristy, in the box below.

2. Our AI will take your job advert and analyse it with its natural language processing capabilities.

3. Our AI will then score your advert for certain factors out of 10, suggesting more inclusive language if necessary.

4. Review the suggestions and make any edits you see fit.

5. You can then use your optimised job advert for your hiring needs.

The process takes a while so please be patient.


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    How does TalentSpa work?

    Our Process

    Step 1

    We optimise each job spec to create a winning job advert.

    Step 2

    We advertise every job on over 500 job boards and social media platforms.

    Step 3

    We search all major CV databases and contact suitable candidates your behalf.

    Step 4

    Our smart technology aggregates all the responses in one easy to use applicant tracking system.

    Step 5

    We manually screen candidates based on your agreed criteria and provide an accurate shortlist of suitable candidates.

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