Author: Ellie Rogers

5 common myths about apprenticeships, busted

We are pleased to announce the launch of Easy Apprenticeships, our new apprenticeship gateway and recruitment solution for businesses all across the UK! This week’s blog post is a re-share of an article first published on the Easy Apprenticeships...

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How to optimise productivity when working from home

With the recent announcement of ‘Plan B’ restrictions in England to help control the spread of coronavirus, many of us are now beginning (or returning to) working from home. For some people, this is an ideal working set-up, for reasons such as having...

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The cost of rude co-workers

You can probably think of at least one colleague you’ve had at some point in your career that you thought was rude. Whether they speak over others in meetings, tell offensive jokes, or outright bully other employees, dealing with an impolite co-worker...

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Free HR advice with TalentSpa and BrightHR

Working in HR can be tough. A disciplinary or dismissal can lead to a tribunal claim, and any mistakes in staff pay can result in costly fines. As the frontline response to any issues in your business, one wrong decision can affect your entire company’s...

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How to avoid proximity bias in the workplace

We’ve all experienced FOMO, or a ‘fear of missing out’ before. Whether it’s not being able to attend a party, or the finals of a major sporting event, it can hurt your feelings to know that other people are having fun without you. However, in the...

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Why team building is important for your business

Have you ever watched a sports team win a match, and noticed how the star players always give recognition to their coaches and their teammates? Working together as a team is essential to success, and this applies even more so in the world of business....

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Hiring essential workers in 2022: what you need to know

The COVID-19 pandemic and the following economic recovery has brought a number of challenges for companies looking to hire essential workers. Industries such as retail, logistics, customer service and manufacturing have seen significant changes in...

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5 things candidates are looking for in your job adverts

One of the hottest topics in recruitment at the moment is the Great Resignation. In August this year, the number of open jobs in the UK passed 1 million for the first time ever, and a survey by HR software company Personio has found that 38% of workers...

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How to prepare your company for Generation Z

A new generation is entering the workforce. Generation Z (or Gen Z), those born between 1996 and 2012, makes up around 32% of the world’s population according to Bloomberg, making the oldest members in their early 20s and in the early stages of their...

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5 interview mistakes hiring managers make

When it comes to job interviews, there is a wealth of advice available for candidates on how to make a good impression, but this is harder to find for hiring managers. However, it’s just as important for hiring managers, or whoever is carrying out...

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