Thanks! You can now download our Client Guide To Writing A Job Spec

During our daily operations, we spend a lot of time working with clients, optimising their job adverts to ensure that when we post them, they get the best possible results.

Let’s face it, there’s no point posting a job advert that isn’t going to attract anyone – or worse still – attract the wrong type of candidates.

After years of working with clients and optimising adverts for them, we decided to release our internal guidance notes along with a blank job advert template. This way, people can download and use these documents to create the best possible candidate-catching advert – whether they use TalentSpa or not.

This guide will not only show you how to write an advert that is appealing to candidates, it will also show you how to optimise it. By optimising a job advert, you increase the chance of it appearing high up in Google (and other search engine) results, meaning you’ll get more applications from people looking specifically for a role like yours.