3 Recruitment Hacks For Hard-to-Fill Positions


Ask any employer or recruiter about the importance of talent acquisition and the majority would say that it’s very important, especially in the UK where many industries are facing a skills shortage. Research by JobSite found that two-thirds of companies expected to face ‘at least a moderate talent shortage’ in 2018. This has led to companies reviewing their talent acquisition strategies and scratching their heads trying to find new ways to attract talented candidates. 

Roles which require sector-specific skills are even harder to fill, think Tech, HR and Finance. Roles in remote locations are also a challenge to fill. However, by combining traditional recruitment methods with new creative strategies which make the most of social media, employers can succeed in filling hard-to-fill positions. 

Here are our top 3 recruitment hacks for hard-to-fill positions:

  1. Get Savvy With Social Media

Social media, possibly the most underutilised tool for recruitment. Also, by far the cheapest and easiest method for attracting candidates. If you haven’t already, create social media accounts for your company on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Use these channels to show prospective candidates your work culture and why your employees love their job! Pushing out interesting content which highlights why your company is a great place to work, is a fantastic recruiting strategy. 

In addition, encourage your employees to use social media to engage with your company. Your recruitment team can use social media to find candidates, which will also make the recruitment experience more personalised, attracting future employees. A simple message on LinkedIn asking whether a talented candidate has applied to your latest vacancy is much more effective than just waiting for them to find the role on a Jobs Board.

2. Creative Content Marketing

Post interesting recruitment content that will appeal to your candidates. This will build your online presence to generate and capture the interest of job seekers. The more online content you have, the easier it is for candidates to find you when they search online. Examples of creative recruitment content are:

  • A blog by a current employee on your workplace culture and why they love their job.
  • Short videos introducing current employees. This will give candidates an idea of who they will be working with.
  • Workplace video tour.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more to choose from. All of this content will give you a competitive advantage over other employers. 

3. Review Your Job Ads

Do your job descriptions mainly focus on skills that candidates must have in order to apply? While this is important, long lists of essential skills are intimidating and can put off talented candidates who don’t 100% match the person spec. Although it’s important to recruit the best person for the role, make sure you’re not setting the bar too high. Review the job description and ask yourself whether people like this actually exist? If you’re asking for candidates to have 15 skills, 10 personal attributes and 3 years experience, you’re probably setting the bar too high.

The job ad is your opportunity to highlight why your company is a great place to work! As well as job particulars, include company perks, career advancement opportunities, interesting projects employees work on and an overview of the positive workplace culture. What sets your workplace apart from your competitor’s workplace? Provide links to your company’s social media channels so that candidates can see for themselves! Find out what is important to your ideal candidate. For example, if you’re targetting Millennials, company culture, work-life balance and career advancement opportunities are all a priority. 

Whilst recruiting for hard-to-fill positions is no easy task, these hacks are effective ways to attract and recruit the right candidates for your roles. Utilise social media and get creative!