8 Tips To Impress Your New Employer

So you’ve started a new job? It’s a challenge for anyone. There’s the pressure of being assessed, learning everyone’s names, and finding your way around. We want to help you get through this, so read out top tips to impress your new employer. 

Managing your workload-
Our first tip to make a strong start is to effectively manage your workload. By ensuring you’re spending the correct time on each task, you’ll amaze your new boss with your organisation.

Starting a job will mean you have plenty of new duties to pick up. You should tackle this by writing a to-do list for every day and prioritising the most crucial tasks. By doing this, your workload will be easier to manage, and you won’t get behind schedule.

Ask a colleague to help you plan your agenda, making sure you allocate enough time for tasks you’re still unsure about. This way you’ll showcase your time management skills and make an amazing first impression. 

Listen to your Colleagues

You’re the newest addition to the team, impress your employer by listening to your colleagues, they know better and may be able to offer you some really helpful tips on how you can perform to your best ability.

Concentrate when colleagues are talking to you, take in what they’re saying, especially if its a task that you’re still not quite sure about- their insight could help you massively. This will also demonstrate how eager you are to learn more about your role.

Be Sociable

An easy way to impress is to be sociable with your team and build bonds with them. It’s a great idea to spend time with colleagues on your lunch break to get to know them. Introducing yourself to team members you haven’t met yet is a great way to start to build strong friendships at work. Showing that you are confident and comfortable in your new environment is great for impressing your employer and will show that you’re going the extra mile to immerse yourself in the company.

Be helpful where you can, this is a great way to be sociable and show your teamwork skills. If you know something, chip in to help out a colleague. You could help them out and show confidence in your new role.

Another way to fit in with your colleagues is by mirroring them, gage the atmosphere and figure out if there is a more formal or casual atmosphere you can adhere to this and help yourself fit into the company. 

Take Notes

You need to take notes at a new job, no matter how tedious it may seem.

Keeping a notepad and pen handy to write down any passwords or processes you need to remember will be really important in getting to grips with what you have to do. This will give the appearance that you are more knowledgable in what you’re doing, rather than having to ask for the login details for the 5th time- not ideal!

Connect with the Boss!

A strong way to impress in your new job is to form a working relationship with your boss. Take up any opportunities to have a catch up with your boss, use this time to discuss the quality of your progress and discuss your achievements from each week. This way, your boss will see how much you’re fitting into your new role, and understand your strengths.

Making an effort with your boss will display your enthusiasm for your job. You’ll go further to show why you were the right choice for the job!

Be Punctual!
One of the best ways to impress your new employer is by staying punctual, it demonstrates your work ethic. You should ideally be at your workplace and ready to go ten minutes before you start. This will show that you are keen to make use of your time at work, and ensure you have enough time to set yourself up with a drink before the workday starts.

You may have got the job, but don’t let your standards slip. If you’re on your probation period this is especially important if you plan on progressing within the company.

Keep the job spec in mind

Don’t lose sight of the purpose of your role. Read your job spec each week to check you’re still matching it. This kind of self-reflection will highlight any areas that you need to improve and anything else you should be doing to impress your employer.

Once you’re confident you have nailed your job spec, you can take on extra duties outside of your role. This will be integral in proving why you should be progressing within the company.

We hope you find these tips helpful when starting your new job, check out our other blog posts for other helpful advice when starting a new job or progressing within your role. Or head to our job search page if you’re looking for something new