Are you attracting the right Candidates?

Employing the ideal candidate can be a daunting task. You need to be sure that you are doing the right thing to attract the right candidates who are a good fit not just for the job but to your organisational culture too. The sure way to steer away from hiring the wrong employees is by first knowing the pitfalls to avoid during the recruitment process. Here are some points to consider when hiring:

The Structure of your Job Description

Avoid producing a dull and generic job description. Posting a job description that is not informative and well-crafted will not spark the interest of potentially suited candidates. Ensure that the job description is creative as well as comprehensive. Resist the habit of listing generic qualities and dull duties. Your job description should be designed in such a way that a candidate easily gets a sense of what the organization is about and what the position will entail. Also, be aware that job titles are continuously changing over time. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of this so your advert appeal to the appropriate candidates.

Pay attention to Candidate’s References

The hiring manager should not overlook the references provided by candidates. The references should be checked out before hiring to ensure that everything presented by the candidates adds up. Even though most companies today reveal little about their former employees, recruiters need to have good knowledge of the candidates’ skills as well as conduct by simply checking out their references. Responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses are just some key points to consider when contacting the candidate’s references.

Don’t just Rely on the Interview process

Some hiring managers are too dependent on the interview process. While it may be the one of the most effective stages in the screening process, it is also the stage where you could lose out on potential candidates or gain the wrong impression. Some candidates will say anything just to get a job offer. They have time to prepare for this interview to ensure they come across as the ‘perfect match’ for the role. To get a fair impression of the personality and work ethic of the candidate it can be a good idea to switch up the interview process. Perhaps introduce a test or an exercise in order to gain a more accurate judgement of the performance level of the candidate.

Provide a follow up with the Interviewed candidates

One of the major concerns candidates have about the recruitment process is never hearing back from the recruiters after their interview. Following up is an essential part of the hiring process, and all hiring managers need to ensure that there is a follow-up for every applicant. A polite follow-up with candidates even if they ultimately don’t end up being selected for the job is a clear and sincere way of telling them that you truly value them and appreciate their time irrespective of the final decision. This not only takes away the uncertainty they may have had regarding the possibilities of getting the job but also allows them to stay open for other job opportunities.

Have you considered internally recruiting?

Sometimes the perfect candidate for the job opening may just already be a part of your organisation. Existing staff are already well accustomed with the business environment, organisation processes and values, Therefore, there are high chances that an internal recruit will quickly settle in their new role than an external candidate. Internal recruitment can also come in handy in enhancing employee morale as it involves promoting staff to new opportunities. Employees are therefore more likely to perform at their best so that when an opportunity arises, they can be considered for the position.