Bad Habits that Recruiters need to be Aware of

Doing a job day in day out, means it’s hard not to develop habits. However, in an ever-evolving industry such as recruitment, old habits could result in you missing out on the best talent. It is key that recruiters adapt with the industry and get in tune with what both employers and candidates are looking for. For recruiters to ensure they are in the best position for attracting top talent, here are a few things to be aware of:


1) Generic job ads

If you produce vague job descriptions that fail to go into the details of the role, then be prepared to sift through a mountain of resumes from applicants who are completely unsuitable for the job. Keep the advert simple, precise, a clear mention of desired skills and/or desired qualifications as well as a brief insight on the company background, values and culture.
By being specific about what kind of individual you are looking for and what the role entails, people can make a more informed decision about their suitability for the role prior to applying. Posting the name of the company makes a big difference, as people are much more focused on company culture and reputation these days, than the job alone. This will also enable that you are attracting the right candidates that will fit well with your company culture as well as be suitable for the job role.

2) Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the biggest offences you can make as a recruiter. The clients and the candidates expect to receive the relevant information throughout the hiring process, so if they fail to do so they are likely the become impatient and maybe even pull out.
In order for everything to run smoothly it is crucial that the recruiter is open and honest and keeps both parties updated throughout each stage.
Recruiters can rely so heavily on the internet and technology these days that they often neglect the phone. Although social media is a great tool for sourcing candidates and the efficiency of emailing is undeniable, picking up the phone from time to time is much more effective for establishing a rapport with your candidates and clients. It can also help to speed things up significantly, as people tend to put off replying to emails.

3) Not keeping up with technology

Social networks and new technology open doors to so many new ways to source and attract talent, however many recruiters limit themselves to LinkedIn because that’s what they know. By failing to adjust to changes in technology and making use of new tools, recruiters may miss out on great candidates, particularly millennials, who tend to be early adopters of new tech. In order to stay on the ball, recruiters must be tech savvy!

4) Lack of Knowledge on the industry

If you don’t understand the industry or the role that you are hiring for, then you will probably find it difficult to identify the most suitable candidate, as you won’t know what to look for.
Before beginning your work on a job, it is important that as the recruiter, you have had a thorough conversation with the hiring manager and have done the necessary research in order to accurately grasp the requirements and responsibilities of the role. This will enable you to lookout for specific skills/qualifications and experience on candidate’s CV’s.