Benefits of using Social Media within your Hiring Process

Although social media has barely been around 20 years, its influence on the recruitment industry has been huge. It’s impacted the way we source candidates, the way we attract clients and candidates and the way we brand our companies.

For recruitment, the favoured social media platforms are; LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Some Recruiters may also use YouTube or Instagram, depending on their brand.

The use of social media for recruitment has grown 54% in the past 5 years and as a recruitment company, here are a few of many benefits of using social media as part of your strategy.

Employer Brand

Employer brand is highly significant to any business in any industry. What makes employer brand so imperative to recruitment companies is potential employees and clients can gain a clear insight into your company, the way you work and how you can be the best solution for their needs. Portraying your company’s business personality through your social media channels can help you reach more candidates and potential new clients. 67% of job seekers use social media to gain insights into company culture. This proves how the power of social media can be used to make a judgement of your business.

Posting pictures or updates on main events, the office celebrating certain holidays and sharing company achievements are all great ideas to portray your company’s personality, work ethic and allow candidates and clients gain an impression of the type of company you are.


Social media platforms are free to use so you basically have a free tool to utilise. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have effective advertising tools that can enable you to attract a specific target audience relevant to your advert.

The LinkedIn campaign manager is also simple to use. LinkedIn is a singular platform that focuses on B2B and many people on LinkedIn only use it on a professional level to create a network of people.

Screening Candidates

Social media is also becoming very popular for screening candidates throughout the hiring process. Social media will allow you to gain an insight to candidate’s personal qualities and interests by viewing their profiles. Most candidates provide their LinkedIn and Facebook profile links within their CV’s and applications.

Applicant Pool

Social media platforms are also an effective way of expanding your candidate pool. By posting your job opportunities or special offers/promotions online, you will attract candidates or potential business and also allow for referrals. Someone may see your post online and know someone who would be interested or a perfect fit for your company. 

By having a social media presence, you are allowing candidates to look for your company and your job opportunities.