Employee Engagement – How Fundamental is it to your Organisation?

For any company that’s looking to be more effective and productive, increasing employee engagement should be a primary focus. Genuine engagement is achieved when your employees not only care about their own self performance, but also care about the company’s achievements and their journey to success. Here are some ways in which you can achieve this:

Employee engagement starts with the recruitment process. It’s healthier to find employees who are aligned with your companies’ mission than it is to change their views once they have come on board. Be on the lookout for candidates with a sense of purpose, interest, and passion that match your company’s ethos.

If you want to adopt employee engagement you need a strong process to assess it. You can use regular staff surveys to check employee well-being and engagement. Team meetings and surveys are the best way to identify issues among your employees. Use what you learn from these, to alter staff benefits, address staff issues and improve communication within the company. It will boost morale which should increase in productivity levels.

Demonstrate to all employees that their insights are important as this will build loyalty as well as effective teamwork. People thrive and perform to full potential in a culture that aligns with their own values and interests.

Engaged employees are proud of their role within the company, and so communicate within the workforce. It has a significant effect in improving engagement when everyone has the same overall sense of the organisation’s progression and goals.
Encourage employees to share knowledge and ideas, use your talent to unleash creativity and benefit the organisation to foster innovation and growth.

Enable career management by providing regular performance feedback. Ensure that employees feel a connection with the culture of the organisation, that new employees are welcomed in and feel part of the team quickly. It’s also important to recognise and celebrate success, achievements, progress and accomplishments.

The relationship between employees and Managers has a direct affect on engagement levels. If you can improve this, your employees will be more comfortable, effective and productive. Trust is the foundation of working relationships and facilitates communication and teamwork.