Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Re-fresh!

LinkedIn plays an important role when you are searching for your next career opportunity. If you haven’t you were not regularly updating your profile with new skills, connections and promotions, now is your time to give your profile a revamp!


Your headline shows up whenever you appear as a ‘suggested connection’ for someone else, or when other come across you in a profile search. This box can not only be used for current job titles, and company names, it can be used to make other users aware that you are currently seeking a new opportunity. Whatever your current situation may be, reflect this in your headline. This can also attract new connections and potential new employers that have come across your profile

New Sections:

This is a chance for you to add on any achievements or qualifications you have gained that would be important for an employer to know about you. Someone could come across your profile without you having applied for a job with your CV, so your profile needs to be a summarised version of it so by including a certain qualification or skill within your profile can only be a positive.


The ‘recommendation feature’ is almost like an online referral or verification. You are asking current and previous co-workers, clients or anyone else who knows you on a professional level to recommend you for certain skills and knowledge you claim to have within your professional background. A glowing recommendation could bag you a direct message from an employer that would like to offer you an interview!

An Updated Photo:

A professional photo is the icing on the cake for any LinkedIn profile. Include a clear, bright and high-quality photo of yourself with a respectful background goes along way for giving your profile the finishing touches.

Sharing relevant articles/posts:

Sharing articles that relate to your field of work not only shows your enthusiasm for what you do, but also enables your connections and potential employers to learn a little about you and understand your views and thoughts on current topics within the industry. These updates also appear at the top of your profile so it shows your regular engagement.

A well-maintained LinkedIn profile could lead to a potential employer or client contacting you. Spend a few minutes updating your profile!