How to Create a Productive Work Environment

Whether you work at home or work in an office with other colleagues, it’s essential to optimize your office and turn your working space into a calm, positive and productive zone. Creating a work-space which is positive and free from distractions can play a key part in your productiveness and success. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this:

A Bright Environment

No-one wants to be sat in a dull room while they work. Sitting in poor lighting will make you feel unmotivated and hard to concentrate. If you don’t have great natural lighting, it’s worth investing in desk lamps or brighter bulbs. A bright environment will make you feel more awake and productive.

Appealing Style

It is important that your workspace is attractive and appealing so that you actually want to be there. A simple look of neutral walls and relevant office furniture is great start. With a home office, you have more control over how you want it to look. You could display your achievements and favourite quotes on a feature wall for motivation. If you work in a big office with other people, you may want to stick to more plain colours for a bright and clean space.

A Social Area

Having a social area in the office is a great idea. This is a place where people can take a break or simply refresh their minds for a couple of minutes. The social area should be relaxing and inviting so when decorating, think of calming decor. Provide comfortable sofas or chairs for people to sit on and space where people can grab a drink. Water dispensers, a coffee machine, and a mini snacks bar would all be great additions to the social area.

Clean space

No-one can work in an environment that’s messy or overcrowded. One way of creating less clutter is by having a good clear out. Get rid of thing that do not work or aren’t needed and random bits that have somehow ended up in your cupboards. Store all important things together with clear labels so that you know where to look when you need to find them. Having a clean and tidy office will make you mind clearer so you can concentrate on getting all of your daily tasks done.

Flowers and Plants

Another great way to add a bit of colour to your office is with plants. The addition of flowers and plants will make your office feel homelier and it’s also a great way of adding some colour. Plants also create a calming atmosphere which is what you want when you’re busy.