How to Engage with Your Workforce

To build an engaged workforce, there are all sorts of things you can practice to inspire employees. Engaged employees demonstrate higher performance and commitment levels. it’s about leadership, values and optimising performance through investing in and developing your employees. Here are some suggestions that you can apply in your own workplace.


One of the key factors of employee engagement is teamwork. Encourage employees to share knowledge and ideas, use your talent to unleash hidden creativity and help the organisation to grow.

Some organisations lack the culture of trust that enables effective engagement; organisational leaders tend to be more at ease discussing customer relationships rather than discussing relationships amongst employees.

Company Vision

Engaged employees are proud of their work and role within the organisation and this is facilitated because they have a line-of-sight to the organisation’s mission and goals. It has a significant effect in improving engagement when everyone has an overall sense of the organisation’s goals and progress.

Communication enables employees to connect with the organisation’s goals while making the most of their own potential. They will want to perform to their full potential within a culture that aligns with their own values and aspirations. Demonstrate to all employees that their insights are important as this will build loyalty and engagement.

Employee Engagement

You need an effective way to process and evaluate employee engagement. Conducting regular staff surveys or meetings to check employee well-being and engagement is a great exercise. Regular reviews are the best way to identify issues among your employees. Use the feedback to tackle staff issues and improve communication with all employees, getting to know their concerns and issues. It will boost morale which in turn, should increase productivity.

Your Hiring Process

Employee engagement starts with the recruitment process. It’s healthier to find employees who are in sync with your organisation’s mission than it is to change their motivation or vision once they have settled within the company.

Good Workplace Relationships

The relationship between employee and manager has an effect on engagement levels. If you can expand this, your employees will be more comfortable and productive. Trust is the foundation of working relationships and communication and teamwork. It is essential for creating an environment where the organisation can flourish, as well as the employees.


Provide regular performance feedback. Ensure that employees feel a connection with the culture of the organisation, that new employees are welcomed in and feel part of the team instantly. It’s also imperative to recognise and celebrate success, achievements, progress and accomplishments. Effective career conversations mean employees work harder, stay longer and exceed expectations.