How To Give Job Seekers More than Just A Job Description

Let’s face it job descriptions aren’t the most exciting thing in the world. They’re unlikely to attract anyone, let alone the top talent your company seeks.

 “Job seekers are looking for more than just a job: They want to know that they’re entering into a work environment that cares about its people — one that offers opportunities that align with their purpose, and that allows for a little work-life balance. Offering a bland job description that only speaks to the function of the job won’t show a job seeker any of what a company offers from a culture or purpose standpoint.”

– Executive coach Karen Elizaga

It is therefore vital that companies come up with a job description that shows off your company culture and mission as well as the job itself. 

Mention advancement opportunities

High-quality candidates are thinking about more than the next job, they are thinking about the future and what this job could do for them. In the job description its key to highlight the ways in which this position could aid them, mentioning mentorship programs, paid learning opportunities or sharing average time to reach the next level in the department. Discussing what the long-term goals are for the position.

Company Culture 

Arguably one of the most important factors within a company and something which potential candidates will look for when applying. Even before you start explaining the position, chatting about the culture within the workplace can help a candidate picture themself working there. Elizaga says. “Use language and cite company core values in your opening before even getting to the crux of the job description,” she instructs. “Everyone knows what a ‘product manager’ or a ‘paralegal’ does if they’re looking for such a position. Share what makes this position compelling. How can your company differentiate itself while giving a job seeker a good sense of job expectations?”


On average an individual will spend one-third of their life at work, it is key that they enjoy what they are doing and get along well with other employees. While you still want to be professional, including a little personality and using terms that are unique to the role or company is a way to grab the attention of career-conscious job seekers who really want to find a good, long-term job position. After all, you need to make sure that they would be able to fit in comfortably within the team.


In your job description, be sure that you share “what the company does to ensure a collegial and enjoyable work experience,” says Elizaga. “Are there philanthropic efforts that might align with a job seeker’s purpose in his or her own life? Job seekers are looking, of course, to make money and sustain their own lives, but they’re also looking, these days, for companies that have and act on a strong sense of social justice.” Of course, they’re also looking for perks beyond pay, too. So, if your company offers any special benefits — such as flexible work schedules, student loan assistance, tuition reimbursement, free gym memberships or others — be sure to include them.