How To Improve Productivity in Your Workplace

There are around nine working hours in each day, however for many, this does not always feel like enough time to complete work obligations and tasks. Subsequently, this can leave your employees feeling stressed, overworked and extremely overwhelmed. Providing your staff with strategies and solutions to boost their productivity and soothe any feelings of frustration and work related anxiety will greatly improve staff satisfaction and ultimately; the quality of work they are able to deliver.

Employee happiness

The University of Warwick recently conducted a study which concluded that a boost in employee happiness led to a 12% increase in productivity. The same study also found that unhappier employees were 10% less productive at work. One way of improving employee happiness is through creating a work culture whichencourages communication and motivation.

The team who produced the study added “We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.” – It’s science.

Healthy Eating

What your employees feast on during their work break will have a significant impact on their productivity levels by the time they get back to work in the afternoon. Foods that release glucose quickly, such as fizzy drinks, pastas and bread will provide your employees with a quick boost of energy, but will leave them with a fatiguing sugar crash very soon after.

Supplying your office with healthy food options which are also a source of energy is one way of discouraging unhealthy office snacking, and help your employees maintain stable energy levels whilst also reducing the need for employees take sick-related absenteeism.

Flexible Work Options

This may sound scary, but it works. A study conducted by Best Buy found that their flexible work program produced a 35% increase in staff productivity. Being able to routinely work from home depletes your employees need to commute –  saving them money and a lot of energy; which can then be invested in completing tasks. It can also help to boost the morale of your employees as they will feel trusted by your organisation, and will more inclined to put in extra work to maintain this trust.

These are a few and easy ways in which you can create a conducive work environment for your employees, and therefore increase the overall productivity within your workforce, and ultimately reach higher company targets and company turnovers.