Outdated career tips that you need to stop following right now

Did you know that structured job interviews date back to 1921? And the person responsible for conducting the first ever systematic job interview was none other than the great inventor, Thomas Edison?

Ever since, CVs and interview process have changed drastically over the years, as have workplace trends. Yet, we are all guilty of taking career advice which has now become obsolete.

Outdated advice for the modern-day workers – career tips we need to discard.

1. Hush it down – it’s too personal

One advice we have all believed at some point, or still believe, is to keep our personal lives, low profile. Went for a trek this weekend? Don’t disclose the details to your colleagues. Enjoyed an exotic vacation? Keep it to yourself.

Everyone has a life beyond work. And divulging such details can help make your conversations with colleagues interesting and enjoyable. Likewise, employers nowadays, are also interested to know their employees on a more personal level and their interests beyond work to assess – what kind of a person you are outside of work? What actually drives you in life? These kinds of conversations allow you to build stronger relationships with your team, which can go a long way in creative a cohesive work environment

2. Social media and colleagues? A big no-no.

Sending a Facebook friend request to your colleagues or following them on Twitter and Instagram was once considered to be a grave mistake. But now, befriending or following your colleagues on social media can help you network better and maintain close relationships.

An article in The Huffington Post on the same subject, states that professional relationships have changed over the years. It is now more of a norm to add your co-workers and business associates on your social network.

So, unless your social media profiles don’t contain anything inappropriate, there is no reason to avoid connecting with colleagues on such platforms.

3. There’s only one career path to follow

Switching careers used to be traditionally viewed as a wrong step in your life. But today, the concept of sticking to a strict ‘career path’ is outdated and can even be detrimental to jobseekers. Why? Because following a set path refrains people from risks, which can hinder broadening their horizons. A career change gives an opportunity to reinvent yourself, gain perspective, and meet some incredibly talented people along the way.

4. Never fly in the face of authority

Your boss may know more than you do but that doesn’t mean you have to be a ‘yes’ person. Debating issues, challenging viewpoints and considering alternate methods are beneficial for your individual growth as well as for organisational development. Also, putting forth your perspectives shows your level of confidence in your job.

“Whether you’re the boss with a ‘yes people problem’, or the employee who prefers to nod and follow orders – both scenarios are less rewarding than that which allows for disagreement.” – The Telegraph

A lot of well-meaning advice will come your way, outdated or otherwise. But the only thing the newer generation of job seekers need to remember is that a change in workplace is the only constant. Connect with TalentSpa, the new age online recruitment specialist, on Facebookand Twitterto stay updated on latest trends in job market and hiring . It’s time to give your job search a boost.