The benefits of higher and degree apprenticeships

We are pleased to announce the launch of Easy Apprenticeships, our new apprenticeship gateway and recruitment solution for businesses all across the UK! This week’s blog post is a re-share of an article first published on the Easy Apprenticeships website.

One common misconception about apprenticeships is that they only provide entry-level qualifications. However, government research has found that in the 2020/2021 academic year, higher apprenticeships made up nearly a third of all new starts. Higher level or degree apprenticeships are increasing in popularity, so if you’re considering an apprentice programme for your organisation, there’s never been a better time. 

As an employer, you might be wondering what the value of a higher or degree apprenticeship might be, both for your business and for your employees. In this week’s blog post, we’ll explain some of the benefits of these advanced apprenticeship levels.

Filling skill gaps

Research has found that 5% of employers are struggling with skills-shortage vacancies, and another 13% report having a skills gap within their current workforce. Offering current or prospective employees the opportunity to complete a higher level apprenticeship is a great way to not only help them upskill, but to fill any knowledge or expertise gaps that your business might have. 

Any training costs come out of your Apprenticeship Levy, which comes out of the pay bill of any company that has over £3 million on its annual pay bill. To find out more about the Apprenticeship Levy, you can read the latest government guidance here

Making an impact in the workplace

Advanced level apprenticeships are a great way for staff who already have experience to expand their knowledge even further, and apply this new learning into the workplace. This can bring a range of benefits to your company, as staff are encouraged to be more creative and confident in their work, which can help improve your product or service quality. 

Additionally, apprenticeships also provide a clear pathway for employees to achieve their professional goals. In fact, a survey by LinkedIn has found that 94% of employees are more likely to stay loyal to a company that invests in their professional development, so offering your staff the opportunity to complete an advanced or degree-level apprenticeship is a great way to provide this investment.

Opportunities to gain graduate or professional qualifications

Your business might have employees that want to pursue a degree-level qualification, but aren’t able to go to university due to financial or other reasons. Similarly, you may have employees that want to gain professional accreditation or membership in a specific sector to advance their career. An apprenticeship can therefore be a great opportunity for your staff to gain these qualifications, while continuing to contribute value to your company.

The up-to-date training that apprenticeships provide can also help your employees to refresh their knowledge and learn the most current skills and industry information, which can help give your company an edge over your competitors. Having a highly-skilled workforce will help you stand out within your field, so having an apprenticeship scheme is a great first step towards this!

Expanding workforce diversity 

Higher and degree-level apprenticeships are a fantastic way to provide new routes into further education and employment for talented individuals, who might not have the opportunity otherwise. Unlike internships and graduate schemes, which are typically reserved for school or university leavers who are starting out their careers, apprenticeships can be completed by people of all ages. In fact, people aged 25 and over made up around 50.3% of all new apprenticeship starts in the 2020/21 academic year, so a higher level apprenticeship is a great way to upskill and train staff who may be a little further along in their careers.

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