Things you Should Promote when Recruiting Millennials

It’s estimated that millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce by 2020. As most of them are digital-focused, they will bridge the gap between tech-driven industries and the skill-sets they require. That is why this generation is sought after in some of the world’s most successful companies. 

Millennials differ from other generations when choosing their workplace. In order to acquire their digital talents, companies need to switch their hiring strategies and highlight these benefits: 

Work-life balance

Most millennials prioritise work-life balance. Unlike previous generations, they care more about time to do what they want outside of work. This, therefore, allows them to be more productive during work hours. Companies that give flexibility are more attractive to them than ones that are very rigid with their hours. 

Flexible work hours

Flexible work hours and work from home opportunities are top factors for employees to consider when deciding whether or not to stay with a company, a recent survey from Gallup found. This allows people to skip the most unproductive (and inconvenient) portion of the day- traffic. In order to beat this- millennials are now prioritising employers that allow them to work from home at least once a week.

Working culture

Company culture is important to millennials, they want a company culture that increases creativity and productivity. It’s important to highlight your company culture when shooting promotional content for your company. Innovative work-spaces and pets at work are things you should flaunt in order to gain the interest of potential employees. You can read more about creating a positive work environment for your company here. This is massively important if you’re headhunting creative minds. 


Technology is integrated into the lives of millennials, they expect the companies they work for to have the same digital inclination. Make sure to include this in your hiring materials. Going paperless or giving access to relevant software are some of the perks that can attract the most skilled workers from this generation. Millennials want e-Learning opportunities that help their individual development and provide information at their fingertips.

Career Development

Contrary to popular belief, they want to hold down their job. Financial times shows how UK millennials are moving jobs less frequently than previous generations. They want honesty and open communication during the process of learning. Highlighting good feedback sessions can easily attract this career-driven demographic. 

Reputation is everything

Millennials want to know what their colleagues think of you, they often head straight to review sites to scour what has been said before considering coming on board. Cleaning up your reputation and making sure the reviews are good are integral in hiring millennials. 

Are you Relevant?

Think of things that are important to the millennial generation, highlight these to make sure your company is relevant. CSR is important and so if this is lacking within your brand, make it better. Sustainability targets are music to their ears. They are passionate and want their employers to share these passions. So- key things to remember when aiming to recruit millennials- Work-life balance, growth, technology and relevance. We hope this advice will help you to recruit some new talent to your business. Use this advice when interviewing millennials.