Trying To Impress A New Employer? Follow These 5 Top Tips

Beginning a new job is undoubtedly a challenge. There’s fitting into the existing team, getting to grips with a new set of responsibilities and trying to learn everyone’s names. It’s normal to feel nervous and to take time to adapt to a new role so to ease some of the pressure, we’ve compiled a list of 6 top tips to impress your new employer!

1. Punctuality Is Key To Success

Punctuality is a sign of an organised individual, demonstrating professionalism and a good work ethic. Aim to be at your workplace no later than 10 minutes before your shift is scheduled to start and make sure that your standards do not slip over time. Leave early enough to take into account any possible delays such as an increase in traffic or missing your bus. 

2. Take Notes

Although it may feel laborious, it is worth keeping a notepad to jot down any useful information such as login details and computer processes that you need to follow. By noting everything down, you’ll avoid having to keep asking the same questions. Taking notes will impress your colleagues and boss by showing off your organisational skills. You never know whether you’ll need the information in the future!

3. Socialise With Your Colleagues

It is not only important to impress your boss but, forming a good relationship with your colleagues will make your work life happier. Socialise with your colleagues and get to know them, your lunch break is the perfect opportunity to do so. If you come across anyone who you have not been introduced to, show your personable side and introduce yourself. Make an effort to attend any social events, as these are the best times to bond with everyone! 

As well as forming a relationship with your colleagues, your boss will notice your confidence and good people skills. Remember that you’re only as strong as the team around you, so if you get the opportunity to help another colleague, show off your teamwork skills by helping them. 

4. Observe Your Colleagues

Observing how your colleagues behave in the workplace will help you to learn how to conduct yourself. Pay attention to the atmosphere of the workplace and how colleagues interact with each other. This will help you to determine the etiquette for anything from conducting meetings to sending emails. 

5. Build A Bond With Your Boss

As well as forming good relationships with your colleagues, make an effort to build a bond with your boss. A positive working relationship with your boss will help you to progress in the company in the long run. If possible, schedule a quick catch-up with your boss each week. You can use this catch-up to discuss your progress and what you’ve achieved during the week. This will demonstrate both initiative and enthusiasm for the role. 

If you’ve come up with any ideas during the week, use the opportunity to present them to your boss. This will establish open communication with your boss, which is likely to help you over the long-term.

As well as following our top tips, reflect each week on how you have performed and whether you are fulfilling your responsibilities to the best of your ability. Think about where you need to improve and what else you could do to impress your employer. By doing this, you will be well on your way to succeeding within your new role!