What Job Seekers want to Know about Your Organisation

Factors such as the size of the team, the working hours and the office environment can be just as important as the position itself to an individual that is looking for their next opportunity. So, when looking for a new job, candidates want to build a clear idea about a company’s culture before going ahead and applying for a role there.

In order to create a great impression of your organisation, job seekers often research the company, so it is important that employers provide them with the information that they are looking for. If a job seeker cannot find the information they want to know about a company, they may choose to apply elsewhere, meaning you could miss out on potentially some of the best candidates.

Here are a few of the things that candidates want to know about your company when considering applying for a job there:

1) The team

One of the biggest factors that influences our happiness at work is the people who we work with. We have to spend every day with them, so you want to be working alongside people who you get along well with. A lot of companies provide a bit of information about their employees on their website, so people can get a sense of the type of people who work there, for example a short paragraph about their role at the company. Social media is also a great way to showcase your team and reveal a bit about individuals’ personalities.

2) Company culture

The working environment and team dynamics are key factors in an employee’s experience within a company. Some work well independently and appreciate a quiet environment and others thrive in a high energy workplace. Therefore, it is imperative that candidates are able to gage what kind of company culture a business has before applying to work there. While you want to demonstrate why your company is great place to work, it is essential that you provide an honest account of what it is like to work there, so that you hire employees who are a good fit.

3) Company ethics and goals

Employees want to be able to relate to the organisation’s values and goals. They want to feel like they can play a part in meeting the company’s goals and where they fit in within future plans for the business. Being transparent about company values and goals will enable candidates to envision where they could fit in and the impact they could have.

4) Leadership

Ahead of applying for a role, candidates want to know what the management style is like within the organisation. Different approaches work for different people, so it is important that they feel that it suits them as a professional. Provide a bit of information about who is in charge and how they like to work, so they can get a bit of an insight into how the business runs.

5) Customers

If you have a few distinguished clients, share this information, as it will help candidates to build a picture of the types of companies or people they will be working with. Mentioning some big names can help to gain a bit of credibility and lets candidates know what to expect and the type of contacts they can expect to make.