Why businesses should invest in optimising their career site

Do you have a career page on your website? Of course, every business has. But, are you utilising that page to its full potential? Do you see it as an opportunity to sell yourself to candidates?

Let’s consider this –

What happens once candidates hear about a job opening? 59% of candidates go through a company’s website before deciding whether to apply for the position or not. They prioritise culture and values, the perks and benefits they might get, a company’s mission and vision over everything else, while considering a potential employer.

So, how do all these aspects link back to the career page? An optimised career site sets you up for recruiting success. As a LinkedIn article aptly puts it… the career page has to be the anchor holding together the pieces of your hiring strategy.

Still need a reason? We give you more than one to invest in optimising your career site!

Opportunity to showcase your employer brand

We just cannot stress enough how important your employer brand is. As highlighted in our previous article, your employer brand is what sets you apart from your competitors. The candidate-driven, millennial job market has made employees increasingly particular about the kinds of companies they work for; they crave information about you and your company culture. An optimised career site serves as the best platform for them to make application decisions and for you to control the flow of information and impress them with your organisation.

After all, your career site must reiterate what a candidate may have already heard about your company.

Being magnetic with the help of SEO

With 87% of active and passive candidates open to new job opportunities, it is highly recommended to optimise your career site. Your potential employees start their job hunt on Google and similar search engines. They may not specifically search for your company, but it is your job to attract them to your vacancy. If your company vacancy doesn’t greet them amidst a long list of other opportunities, you could lose out on your unicorn talent. The key to preventing this is to get an SEO driven career site – one that has the right balance of relevant keywords, intelligently placed content, optimised headings, search engine friendly URLs, meta tags, images and videos.

Reduce your time and cost per hire

A career site can be a great way to save your time and cost per hire. You can advertise your jobs and employer brand 24/7, and reach out to substantially more candidates at no additional cost. Not forgetting the ease of immediate and direct interaction with potential employees. You can post a job directly to your career site in less time and can expect to receive responses immediately. By being in the driving seat, you get the opportunity to filter, assess and select the top talent, without wasting time. This ensures a superior match and a better fit for your organisation in the long run.

Learning from the master of all…

An often emphasised example, Google seems to have it all figured out when it comes to having an optimised career site. The power lies with the user to search by what is most important to them – by specialisation, locations or jobs. From their hiring procedure to tips, FAQs and more, Google covers all aspects of talent acquisition to ensure a positive user experience that wows their potential candidates.

Capitalising on this opportunity…

Staying front of mind with potential job seekers and driving them back to your site is an essential part of a good recruitment strategy. Does your site provide an ideal experience to candidates?

We, at TalentSpa, recognise the potential of career sites to market your organisational culture, vacancies and employer brand to attract the right candidates and entice them to apply. TalentStream Engage is our solution to help you to increase candidate response and conversions.