She believes, so she leads.

Helping companies address gender inequality.

#YesSheCan is an initiative aimed at reducing gender inequality in the workplace. The project aims to inspire women to take the next step, put themselves forwards and have some underlying self-belief.

The benefits of a diverse company:

  • 80% improvement in business performance among those with high diversity levels
  • Attracts more candidates to apply – resulting in a larger talent pool to choose from
  • A wide range of views – meaning more well rounded and better decisions under pressure
TalentSpa are proud to be an advocate of #YesSheCan. From top to bottom we are passionate about women in the workplace and always strive for equality in the workplace.
Our diversity is a key strength and has been a decisive factor in our growth as a business.
I am the only boy of six siblings. I have watched my talented sisters for years trying to climb the career ladder. As an employer of many people, it’s only in the best interest of my business to make sure the workplace is as diverse as possible. Hopefully being fully involved in #YesSheCan will prevent talented women not having the setbacks my sisters did.
Tom Clegg – TalenSpa Managing Director

Recruitment Event

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Increase diversity at your recruitment events with laser-precise audience targeting for your ads. Diversity events are a great way of showing your commitment to equality in the workplace and making productive and positive steps towards diversity.
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  • Raise brand awareness to new and existing audiences
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Entry Package

Show your commitment to equality with featured content and an active commitment to diversity.

With social media analytics and targeted job ads, the entry package is a great way to increase your online presence whilst becoming a more diverse company.
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  • Showcase your diversity online
  • Targeted job ads to great candidates
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Full Package

If you’ve got it, flaunt it with a full Social Media package from #YesSheCan

All of the benefits of the entry package with the added bonus of tailered content creation, featured content about your company and unlimited jobs postings.
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  • Innovative Artificial Intelligence to target your ads to your ideal audience
  • Make diversity a strength.
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