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Candidate Sourcing Software by TalentSpa that provides in-house recruitment teams the power to always hire right first time round

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Talent sourcing software that encompasses everything you need to secure the best talent on the market

Here at TalentSpa we know that when it comes to in-house recruitment and your team, time is the number one key aspect of all. That’s why we have designed our talent sourcing tools to value your time and give you the best results.

Tired of jumping from platform to platform searching for recruitment tools and solutions? Look no further as with TalentSpa you can now just log into our website and find everything you need for your recruitment processes. We have plucked the best factors of online recruitment  and candidate sourcing software, and placed them all together in one neat place for you to access whatever talent sourcing software you are looking for, as soon as you need them.

Now you’ve identified your one stop shop for all the recruitment tools you need, you are fully maximising the number of applicants you are gaining online, ensuring you are securing the perfect hire first time and reducing your cost per hire.

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    Candidate sourcing software that values your time and money

    Our candidate sourcing solutions make it immensely easier when it comes down to finding the best talent for your organisation. TalentSpa will optimise your job adverts with a unique set of criteria based on each job board to increase their visibility and improve inclusivity. Diversity is a key part of hiring and we make sure that no one will be left out indirectly through how your adverts are worded. The TalentSpa platform can then be used to post adverts across multiple job boards across the web.
    Through a combination of software and service, our team of dedicated resourcers will be working to target only the most suitable candidates across every one of the major CV databases online. The ads will be optimised, designed to appear attractive to your target candidate and to increase application rates. The TalentSpa team can also manually screen these applicants, measuring them against agreed criteria and ranking them in order of suitability within the ATS for you.
    The ATS will then collect your applicants CVs from wherever your job advert has been posted, aggregate everything and present it to you, ready to be managed. You can then use our interview booking system within the ATS to schedule candidate interviews. Our candidate sourcing software has been crafted to save you time and money whilst finding the best talent on the market for your organisation, it’s a win win!

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      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      There are lots of candidate sourcing software tools available, so why should you choose TalentSpa when looking to bring your recruitment process in-house? Well, we’re unlike othertalent sourcing software. Technology is excellent for wider software management, but reading CVs and ranking candidates based on suitability is intrinsically human, which is why we have a research team dedicated to doing just this, so you don’t have to.
      We are a SaaS business, but we emphasise the service aspect of our software. When you choose TalentSpa, you’re not just left to your own devices with AI software – we provide you with exceptional customer service and support to help you maximise your recruitment gains and make in-house recruitment as easy and efficient as possible.

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      If you’re still unsure, we offer plenty of good deals for first time buyers. This is how confident we are that we can ensure you are able to make an informed decision as to whether TalentSpa will work for your business.

      We also have our free in-house recruitment guide for you to download which tells you everything you need to know about in-house recruitment, including how to make the most of any talent sourcing software online.

      If you’d like to speak to a member of our team to learn more about how our software could work for you, please contact us.