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Post to multiple job boards at once with our job advertisement software that also optimises your ads to reach the most applicants and the brightest candidates.

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Job advertising software that optimises your adverts for each job board and posts to all of them in one go

If you’re advertising a job online, your best bet is to post your ad across multiple platforms and job boards in order to reach as many applicants as possible and increase your chances of attracting the right fit for the role. The issue is, every job board works differently which means ads need to be tailored to each site.
Not just this, but you will also need to pay separate fees for every platform you advertise on, and manage the applicant tracking across multiple sites all at once. This is both expensive and time consuming, and if you’re bringing your recruitment in-house whilst maintaining your role as a HR exec or line manager, it can be unsustainable and make recruitment a real hassle.
At TalentSpa, our goal is to make in-house recruitment a breeze, and that’s why our recruitment software allows you to post your job ads across multiple sites and manage applicant tracking from one central hub, negating the need for multiple subscriptions and site logins. With our multiple job board advertising software, in-house recruitment is more streamlined, cost- and time-effective than ever before.

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    Multiple job board advertising with TalentSpa that fetches you the widest talent pool possible online

    The benefits of our software are far-reaching, with the most prominent one being that you can reach a bigger audience. We have credits to all major UK job boards which we can use to distribute your job ads, allowing us to broaden your net and give you access to a wider talent pool.
    This means your ad will be placed in front of the brightest and best candidates across the sector, bringing diverse expertise to your business and reducing your cost per hire overall.

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      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      There are several reasons why TalentSpa’s job advertising software is the smart choice for first-time in-house recruiters. Firstly, we use our years of experience to help you optimise your job ads for each platform, ensuring you’re able to take advantage of each audience directly and tailor your needs to every platform. We do this for you, so you don’t need to spend time rewriting the same job ad multiple times for different job boards and websites.
      Secondly, it’s cheaper for you to manage your hires through TalentSpa and pay one rolling monthly fee for a comprehensive, bespoke recruitment platform than it is to pay each time you want to post a job across several sites and channels.

      Not just this, but you can manage all applicants from every platform on one piece of software, so no more flitting between sites and trying to manage multiple applicant tracking systems.

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