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You can no longer just post your job descriptions as adverts; job ad optimisation is necessary to get the most and the best applicants online, and TalentSpa’s professional job ad optimisation software helps you do just that.

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Job Advert Optimisation that gets you at the top of every job board for as long as possible

Job ads are a lot like SEO in the sense that you want your job ad to appear at the top of the job board so that the maximum number of candidates see it and apply. Trouble is, there are countless other companies all doing the same thing, running the risk of pushing your ad to the bottom of the pile and getting overlooked.
At TalentSpa, we combine smart AI technology with real-life expertise to optimise your job ads to ensure they’re fit for purpose. We provide ongoing support to all our clients, and this includes writing job ads that work. With our advice and tips based on years of experience in the field, you can push your job ads to the top of job boards and reap the rewards with a broader, more skilled talent pool.

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    Our in-house experts will write your advert optimised for diversity, inclusion & job board SEO

    There’s a lot that goes into optimising job ads and creating content that appeals to prospective employees. Primarily, you need to ensure you’re using inclusive language that attracts a diverse range of candidates. This is not only beneficial for attracting more high-calibre applicants, but it also ensures your business stays innovative and successful through different perspectives and shared experiences.

    It’s not enough to recycle a job ad from years ago should the same position come up again. There are lots of nuances to job ad posting, and we can ensure you capture them all. Our job advertisement software then makes it possible to post your ad across multiple job boards simultaneously.

    Our smart AI software flags unintentional bias’ and provides insights on how you can rewrite your job description to be better and perform at a higher standard. Paired with the ongoing support of our experienced recruitment research team, your job ads will attract the best and the brightest candidates first time round, excelling your team and making recruitment that much easier for you.

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      We are a SaaS business, but we emphasise the service aspect of our software. When you choose TalentSpa, you’re not just left to your own devices with AI software – we provide you with exceptional customer service and support to help you maximise your recruitment gains and make in-house recruitment as easy and efficient as possible.

      From identifying suitable job boards and using inclusive, cohesive language to attract applicants, through to screening candidates and scheduling interviews, we are with you every step of the way with our turn-key recruitment software.

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