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TalentSpa are changing the way in-house recruitment teams hire staff using their range of Talent Sourcing Solutions

Try our leading in-house recruitment software with powerful built-in talent sourcing tools for free and see how we can revolutionise the way you hire new talent.

Save time and money by using our talent sourcing tools

TalentSpa understands that as an in-house recruitment team, your time is your most valuable resource. That’s why our TalentSpa recruitment software offers robust talent sourcing solutions with this in mind. 

We’ve taken all the best aspects of online recruitment software, and put them all into one handy place for you to pick and choose which talent sourcing tools you need, when you need them. Instead of having to go to various different platforms you can now just go to TalentSpa to do anything you need to in your recruitment process.

With all of these talent sourcing tools at your disposal you can maximise the amount of applicants you can attract online using our talent acquisition platform making sure you get the right hire first time round and reducing your cost per hire.

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    Get access to the best talent in the industry using our talent sourcing solutions

    TalentSpa provides in-house recruitment teams with a varied set of talent sourcing solutions that make it easier to find the best talent for their organisation.
    TalentSpa can ensure your job adverts are optimised for job boards search results and keep you as inclusive as possible in your advert writing, we understand diversity is key and no one will be excluded indirectly through the language used in your adverts.
    You can then use TalentSpa to post to multiple job boards at once, with ads being optimised for each online talent attraction source as needed. Throughout each vacancy’s lifetime with TalentSpa, you get access to our team of dedicated resourcers, who spend their time targeting relevant candidates on all the major CV databases online, attracting them to your vacancy. This team can also screen your applicants based on previously agreed criteria, they will then be ranked in order of suitability within the ATS for you.

    Then the applicant tracking software does its job collecting your applicants CVs from all the various online sources we post your advert to and aggregates these, ready for you to manage. You can then take advantage of our interview booking service within the ATS. By using these talent sourcing solutions, in-house recruitment teams can save time and money while finding the best talent for their organisation.

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      Plus thousands more!

      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      TalentSpa is a unique concept when it comes to talent sourcing solutions in that yes, we are a SaaS business, but we also believe that the second S is very important. We pride ourselves on the service we provide as a lot of what we do can only be done by those with years of experience.
      We like to be as proactive as possible, if we think something can be improved we will always reach out to let you know what is happening and what actions we believe we should take to get the result we both want.

      Try our talent sourcing solution for your Recruitment

      We’re confident that our suite of talent sourcing solutions will make in-house recruitment a piece of cake, but if you’re still not sure, we offer plenty of good deals to to first time buyers. This allows you to get to grips with our solutions and see what it can really do, ensuring you are able to make an informed decision as to whether TalentSpa will work for your business.

      We also have resources available to aid in-house recruiters. Download our free in-house recruitment guide for a complete A to Z every in-house team could need to do it all themselves.

      Please contact us to learn more about our Talent Sourcing Tools.