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Reduce the amount of time the recruitment process takes and only contemplate the brightest applicants with TalentSpa’s CV screening software.

Try our leading in-house recruitment software with a built-in CV screening tool for free and see how we can revolutionise the way you hire new talent.

Filter the most suitable candidates with ease using our CV screening software

Recruitment can be a long-winded process, with the majority of time spent filtering out unsuitable candidates. Given that any one job ad can attract more than 100 applicants, this can be incredibly laborious and slow the entire process down. That’s why we created the TalentSpa recruitment software with an easy-to-use CV screening system.

Our resume screening software solves this problem by sorting candidates for you. We rank applicants using a colour-coded flag system, highlighting the most suitable from the least suitable candidates based on your requirements and needs.

You no longer need to spend hours sifting through CVs, making notes on which ones are suitable for the role and which ones to dismiss – we do it for you through a combination of hands-on human support and the use of our recruitment software.

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    Resume screening software that you can control

    Our CV screening software is designed to be flexible and usable, ensuring you can find what you are looking for instantly. The keyword search tool means you can filter CVs by specific search criteria for maximum efficiency, whilst the ranking system makes applicant management easier than ever. You can also use our built-in applicant tracking system to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

    If you’re a HR or line manager and have additional duties separate from recruitment, our software can help you manage your time more effectively and ensure you’re able to get the most out of your day without spending it reading CVs. Hire the right candidates with our talent acquisition platform and streamline the recruitment process.

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      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      TalentSpa’s resume screening software is unlike any other on the market. Whilst our software utilises the latest advancements in recruitment AI, our CV screening is carried out by our research team who are dedicated to ensuring you find the right applicant first time round.

      Technology is excellent for wider software management, but reading CVs and ranking candidates based on suitability is intrinsically human, which is why we have a research team dedicated to doing just this, so you don’t have to. It’s this hybrid approach to SaaS recruitment that makes us different from other software providers.

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      If you’d like to see just how efficient our CV screening software is before taking the plunge and subscribing to our platform, make the most of our great deals for first time buyers. With this, you can see the scope of our resume software and see what it’s capable of, giving you an accurate idea of how it can revolutionise your in-house recruitment process and make finding the right candidate a breeze.

      At TalentSpa, we’re dedicated to helping businesses build an in-house recruitment team from the bottom up, so we have crafted a range of other resources to help you get started in addition to our free trial. To maximise your recruitment efforts, make sure you download our free in-house recruitment guide to learn more about taking the first steps in recruitment management and how else we can support you.

      Please contact us if you have any questions or queries about our CV screening software and how it could benefit you.