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All-in-one recruitment marketing platform

If you’re looking to hire someone new and you’re doing it in-house rather than through external recruitment agencies, you’ll likely be familiar with how time-consuming the recruitment marketing process can be. From scouring hundreds of applications to flicking between various sites and platforms to make sure you’re not missing any candidates during screening, filling a role in-house can quickly eat into your valuable time. From a business perspective, this is far from ideal because you’ll need to ensure you hire the right candidate at the right time to maintain operational efficiency. From a candidate’s perspective, a drawn-out recruitment process can be off-putting and lead them to withdraw their application in favour of a faster-acting company. That’s why we created the TalentSpa recruitment software.

This is where TalentSpa’s comprehensive recruitment marketing platform comes in. We’ve expertly combined all the core facets of the recruitment process, from our built-in applicant tracking system to CV screening, and created a one-stop solution for in-house recruiters. You no longer need to pay multiple subscription fees to access several job boards and talent pools, nor do you need to spend hours trawling through multiple sites and candidate portals.

Our recruitment marketing platform, is everything you need to bring your recruitment in-house and streamline the hiring process. Not only will it make recruiting easier and faster, but it also reduces the cost per hire by minimising agency reliance. You’ll be able to fill your open role more quickly, and you’ll be able to make the right hiring decision first-time round with our collaborative talent acquisition platform.

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    Advanced recruitment marketing tool that optimises for diversity and efficiency

    Filling a job role is about more than just posting a vague ad online and sifting through the applications that come through. Hiring can be an expensive process if you make the wrong decision and have to continually recruit in order to find the right candidate. Not only is this recruitment marketing process costly in terms of money, but it can also add stress to your team when there’s an unfilled role and workloads increase. This can see your current employees pushed to their max and their quality of work decrease as output is forced to increase. Making the right decision first time is crucial, and TalentSpa’s turnkey recruitment platform helps you do this.

    Our recruitment marketing platform makes use of multi-job board posting, meaning your ad will go out across all major recruitment channels, including role and sector-specific platforms. This ensures you have access to a wider talent pool and aren’t missing out on top talent by excluding a particular job board channel. Our system helps you sift through the applications you receive with smart candidate screening. Our recruitment marketing and resource team ranks candidates through a flag system, separating the most suitable applicants from those who may not have the skills and experience you’re looking for. Candidate management is easier than ever with our talent acquisition suite.

    Our recruitment marketing platform also uses a built-in diversity recruiting system to optimise your job ads for inclusivity, ensuring that there’s no unintentional exclusionary language that could turn the brightest candidates away. Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for businesses, but indirect language and phrasing can turn applicants off. Our recruitment marketing tools are engineered to prevent this, ensuring your candidate pool is as varied and diverse as possible. On top of this, your ads can be optimised for every job channel, ensuring you’re appealing directly to your target audience, no matter the platform they’re using.

    Booking interviews can also be done and managed through our applicant tracking system (ATS), helping you to keep track of your candidates and the recruitment process as a whole. No more scrambling through your inbox or sifting through loose CV copies – everything you need is in one handy place with our applicant tracking tool.

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      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      There are lots of recruitment marketing software tools available, so why should you choose TalentSpa when looking to bring your recruitment process in-house? Well, we’re unlike other recruitment marketing platforms. We don’t just rely on AI; we combine the effectiveness of technology with years of experience from our dedicated resource team to provide you with the best possible outcome.
      Technology is great for efficiency and management, but targeting the right candidates and selecting the most appropriate applicants is something that is best done by a human. We are a SaaS business, but we put an emphasis on the ‘service’ element. In-house recruitment can be complex, but our knowledgeable and experienced team provides outstanding customer service to every client, whilst the software part of our model allows you to take control of the hiring process and gain easy access to the most important information that will help you hire the right person, first time.

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      We’re confident that our complete recruitment platform will make in-house recruitment a breeze, but if you’re still unsure, we offer plenty of great deals for first time buyers. This allows you to get to grips with our powerful tool and see what it can really do, ensuring you are able to make an informed decision as to whether TalentSpa will work for your business.

      Alternatively, we have a wealth of resources available to aid in-house recruiters. Download our free in-house recruitment guide to find out more about the expertise and insights we can offer. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team to learn more about how our software could work for you, please contact us.