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Candidate driven interview scheduling software that results in more booked interviews

The job market is candidate driven which means applicants hold the power. As an employer, you need to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep prospects engaged in your position, and that includes being timely with interviews. It can be a hassle to try and find a date that works for both you and the applicant, and can cause a lot of stress because neither one of you can see the other’s diary.
This is where TalentSpa’s automated interview scheduling can help. Our software allows you to input dates that work for you. Candidates can see these dates and choose the time and date that suits them best based on your availability. This puts an end to the stressful back and forth of trying to organise a date, and it means you don’t need to waste time trailing back through email chains to see what was agreed.
Our interview scheduler makes things more coherent for everyone involved and shows prospective candidates that you’re organised and efficient; something which bodes well in today’s market and will result in more booked interviews.

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    Get a higher percentage of invitees to booked in interviews with our interview scheduling tool

    A lot of businesses have blocked out times and days for interviews, but it’s not always easy for employed applicants to match their schedule. TalensSpa’s interview scheduling software shows applicants your availability upfront, allowing them to determine whether your interview schedule is compatible with their personal diary.
    With less back and forth, more candidates are likely to book interviews if they’re successful past the CV screening stage. This gives you more choice as an employer and helps to ensure you’re making the right hiring decision based on the widest possible candidate pool.

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      Why Choose TalentSpa’s Automated Interview Scheduler?

      TalentSpa’s recruitment software is designed to be flexible for every type of in-house marketer. We offer advanced AI technology coupled with personalised customer support, including in the interview scheduling process. If you don’t want to automate your interview schedule process, we can manually send out interview invites and liaise suitable dates and times for you.

      Our talent acquisition platform ensures you attract the best and most relevant candidates for your position, and our applicant tracking software then helps you manage the recruitment process from start to finish. This frees up more of your time so you can concentrate on other aspects of your job and not get consumed by the recruitment process.

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      We also have a free in-house recruitment guide for you to download which tells you everything you need to know about in-house recruitment, including interview best practices.

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