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Diversity in recruitment is essential, but many companies miss the mark with it. Our diversity recruiting tool optimises job ads for diversity inclusion and job board SEO using AI and machine learning techniques.

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Ensure your job ads are optimised for diversity and inclusion using our diversity recruiting software

Diversity in the recruitment stage is important for any business that wants to survive and thrive. Employing people from different backgrounds and walks of life gives your business an edge that ensures you have the most innovative employees driving your business to the top. Different perspectives can not only initiate a new way of thinking and more strategic processes that benefit the whole business, but they create a more dynamic workplace where everyone can prosper.
Businesses that focus on recruitment diversity attract more well-rounded talent and perform better. For example, did you know that three out of four employees prefer to work for diverse companies, or that 78% of employees think diversity and inclusion gives a business a competitive advantage? This is largely because diverse companies perform better financially*.

*(Stats from Builtin)

TalentSpa’s smart recruitment software can help you reach a more diverse audience and propel your business above your competitors. Not only does diverse hiring better the reputation of your business, but it helps it perform better, too, and this is made easy with our specialised diversity feature.

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    Time is of the essence for in-house recruiters, so it’s natural to want to find a shorter way of doing things. Oftentimes, this results in a lot of job ads being posted containing recycled content from years and years ago, meaning they likely don’t contain any diverse or inclusive language and alienate a large number of prospective candidates who may well be the best fit for the role. This results in the wrong hire being made, costing you time and money to rectify.

    TalentSpa’s diversity recruitment feature offers job ad optimisation to service diversity and inclusion needs, opening up your applicant pool and helping you to attract the best of the best. We employ recruitment SEO tactics to place your job ad in front of those who can best fill the position, broadening your applicant horizons and helping you to find the very best candidates who can help your business move forward. You can then use our applicant tracking software to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

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      At TalentSpa, we combine AI technology and SEO best practices with ongoing customer support to ensure you have all the tools you need to ensure diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process.

      Our talent acquisition platform sources the best and most relevant candidates and makes it easy to track applicants and reach a wider audience, and we offer real-time advice on enhancing your job ads to ensure maximum performance and candidate suitability. Diversity and inclusion have long been the hallmark of what we do and how we help in-house recruiters make the right decisions and reduce their cost per hire.

      We don’t just offer software; we provide an ongoing service to help you continuously develop your workforce.

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