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Hiring someone new to join your team is about more than just finding an adequate candidate and giving them the job. The job market is incredibly competitive at the moment which means you’re likely to get floods of applicants for one single role, and that’s just on one job board or ad platform. If you’re advertising the job across several platforms, you’ll receive an eye-watering amount of responses which you then need to go through.

As you go through each application, you need to keep track of who’s a frontrunner and who has potential, and then single out those two groups into who will be going into the interview stages. Scheduling interviews that work for both you and your applicants is no mean feat. All things considered, recruitment is laborious and tedious, but that’s where our leading recruitment software comes in.

Rather than outsourcing your recruitment to an agency who can take care of all of the above, TalentSpa’s expert recruitment management software can take all the hassle out of the process and put the power back in your hands. Not only do we optimise your job ads for diversity and inclusivity, but we also post to multiple relevant job boards, sift through every application, rank applicants on suitability, and handle the interview scheduling process, too. Even if you’re new to in-house recruiting, our hiring platform makes it easier, faster, and more streamlined than ever.

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    Manage the Recruitment Process with Ease with Our Recruitment Management Software

    Keeping tabs on every applicant can be tricky, as can scheduling interviews and writing optimised job ads. Our software helps you manage the recruitment process from start to finish with complete ease. We provide support and guidance every step of the way, so you never have to feel overwhelmed by the hiring process.

    Whether you’re an experienced recruiter or not, our software makes easy work of finding someone new. You can rest assured that your job ads will be optimised to attract the highest calibre of candidates from a wide range of talent pools. You don’t need to spend hours sifting through endless applications, either, because we do this for you, ranking each candidate based on suitability. This means you only have to deal with the best of the best – freeing up more of your valuable time and allowing you to focus solely on the applicants who could make a difference to your team.

    Everything you need is in one easy place, so no more flitting between multiple sites and paying several lots of subscription fees, either. Organisation is at the heart of recruitment, and that’s what our platform does best.

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      Why Choose TalentSpa?

      TalentSpa’s recruitment management system is unlike any other on the market; we combine service with software in a way that no one else does. Smart AI technology is used to amplify efficiency and bolster the optimisation aspect of recruitment, but we also have a team of experts who individually rank candidates based on your requirements and preferences and their professional experience.

      Recruitment management can be overwhelming if you’re new to it, but our knowledgeable team is on hand to provide you with support at every stage, whether you need a little or a lot of it.

      Not just this, but our plans are bespoke so you can choose the level of support you require. No two businesses are the same which is why we’ve developed our platform to be flexible around your company.

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