How to Hire Remote Employees

Remote employees can help your company stay ahead of competitors, but how do you hire them? Here’s everything you need to know.

The hiring process is a challenge when hiring employees to work in-house, but it becomes even more challenging when you’re looking to bring remote employees on board. We understand if you’re apprehensive about hiring employees for remote work, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Below we’ve created a brief guide that will detail the steps you need to hire employees. Hiring employees quickly becomes time-consuming, so you need to do things right the first time.

Ensure You Create a Valuable Applicant Process

The job posting is the first representation of your company that applicants will see. If you want to ensure you attract quality candidates ensure you incorporate a unique way for people to apply.

Most people don’t want to do more than upload their resume and submit the application, but if people take the time to submit their information the way you asked, it can help you weed out quality talent from people you don’t wish to employ.

Also, it’s best if you include questions for the candidate to answer. What attracted the applicant to the role? What methods will you use to contact applicants moving to the next step in the hiring process?

Use the Best Hiring Tools

You can use several tools to make the onboarding and hiring process easier for everyone involved. For example, using an applicant tracking system to manage the application process or a talent acquisition platform to ensure you’re acquiring the best applicants for your available roles.

You could also consider launching a recruitment campaign with TalentSpa, which means receiving help from posting the job to onboarding the new employee.

We do the work for you and ensure you only see applicants that meet your job requirements. This cuts out a considerable amount of work and allows you to put your effort into candidates that are more than qualified for the position you’re hiring for.

Implement a Test Project

After you’ve determined the candidates you want to hire, that still doesn’t mean they’ll work well within the environment or company culture you’ve created. For this reason, you need to require all new employees to complete a test project.

Completing a test project allows the employees to show you how they work through various challenges, and the project mimics day to day tasks they’re expected to complete if they accept the role.

Another reason to implement test projects is that potential new employees have a chance to interact with other team members already working for your company.

Check the References

While we’d love to say that everyone is forthcoming about their past job history, that’s not the case. Before you extend a formal offer for a job, you’ve got to ensure you check the candidate’s professional references.

This will confirm they are the right person for the job before you hire them to join your legion of remote staff members.

Remote Employees & How to Hire Them

Hiring remote employees takes some time, and it’s not easy. But, if you have the right tools, you can create a strong team of remote workers.

If you’re still searching for a platform to support your hiring efforts, contact Talent Spa or find out more about our recruitment software

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