How Can Tech Recruiters Resolve Their Hiring Issues?

Highly specialised tech roles which require specific technical skills are arguably the hardest to fill. According to ComputerWeekly, the UK tech industry is ranked third in the world for total capital invested in tech companies and the UK tech sector is growing ‘2.6 times faster than the overall economy’. This has created a surge in the number of tech companies and consequently, the number of roles that need filling. Rising demand for staff has resulted in tech recruitment becoming highly competitive. 

In this blog, we look at which tech roles are proving the hardest to fill and how recruiters can resolve their hiring issues.

Which Roles Are Hardest To Fill?

According to data released by Indeed, many tech vacancies remain unfilled for more than 60 days on their site. The hardest role to fill was for Senior data modellers, with 65% remaining unfilled after two months, followed by senior programmers, system consultants, senior technology consultants and senior back end developers. 

This data shows that within the tech industry, candidates with in-demand skills have an abundance of opportunities, whilst employers have to be patient to find talented candidates with the specialist skills their roles require. That leaves the question, what can recruiters do to resolve their hiring issues? 

Know Candidates Value

The hardest to fill tech roles offer an average salary of £47,460, which is significantly higher than the reported average UK full-time salary of £36,611. In-demand tech employees know their value and will expect their salary to reflect that value. Additionally, in such a highly competitive industry, job-seeking tech candidates are low. Recruiters should be looking at attracting candidates who are already employed. The most obvious way to do this is by offering a more attractive salary, so ensure that you are offering company perks that your competitors are not. 

Don’t Rush Your Recruitment

It is concerning for employers that tech roles can take months to fill, however, the UK tech industry is growing fast and becoming a more attractive sector for younger jobseekers. At the moment, power lies with employees and job seekers as companies compete to attract them. However, the balance of power will shift as the industry continues to grow alongside the number of people studying in the tech field.

In a few year’s time, these younger students and job seekers will have more skills and experience leading them to apply for these hard-to-fill tech roles. The tech talent pool is only set to become bigger so it’s important to have patience. It can take weeks and even months to fill certain tech roles but this is set to change.