How to build trust with your Employees

A successful workplace cannot function without trust. If managers do not trust their employees, they’ll spend their time looking over shoulders rather than empowering employees. If employees don’t trust their managers, they’ll be less inclined to follow directions or stay motivated. Lastly, if employees don’t trust one another, you can say goodbye to collaborative work altogether.

For ways to implicate trust within your organisation, have a look at some tips below, inspired by The Business Backer:

  1. Show them the bigger picture by communicating company goals, expectations of the role, personal potential progression and different ways of working. Having a clear view of the ‘bigger picture’ allows opportunity for communication, motivation and team work.
  2. Set Expectations. A lack of clarity around what is expected of your team members can lead to confusion. Scheduling weekly catch ups to spot and address any issues is an affective way to remain in the loop and prove to your employees that you fully support them.
  3. Listen and ask questions. Two simple actions that builds trust and respect. “How is your project going?” “What could be better?”
  4. Delegating tasks. When delegating tasks both Managers and employees must rely on each other, this in result creates a circle of trust.
  5. Weekly meetings and catch ups. Regular meetings create a trusting environment for people to give and receive feedback.
  6. Develop the skills of all employees—especially those of current supervisors and people desiring promotion. This shows you care about the progression and growth of your employees and you showing that you are investing your time and effort into your employees will make them feel valued and motivated.
  7. Keep staff members informed. Provide as much information as you can share, as soon as possible in any situation. There is nothing worse than a breakdown in communication within an organisation.

Without trust in the workplace, communication and teamwork will erode. Additionally, morale will decrease while turnover will rise. However, these tips will enable you to build your employees’ trust, therefore making the workplace a positive environment filled with creativity and productivity.