The 4 Key Tips for all Job Seekers

The ability to get the edge over other job seekers has never been tougher. A hiring manager or Recruiter can receive hundreds of CV’s a day to review, and that’s just for one position. Therefore, they are unable to give each individual CV the time they deserve to be studied. So as a candidate you need to ensure you are putting together the best application in order to get your CV to stand out from the rest. Here are some tips to help in that process:

Tailor each Cover letter:

If you choose to include a cover letter in your application, it is imperative that you tailor it to that particular position and company. Do your research on the company and explain how your skills integrate with the work they do. Some candidates tend to copy and paste the same letter to every position they apply to. Even though it will provide information into your background, but you are not making a personal link to the position nor company you are applying to. To avoid this, make sure you explain how your background benefits this specific position. Even though the job titles may be similar, every position and organisation are different.

Include keywords from the job role:

Depending on the recruiter’s workload and amount of resumes they have received, they do not have much time to go through every resume thoroughly. They are looking for the specific keywords that link to their position, so ensure that the keywords included in the advert are clearly stated in your CV. For example, if you’re applying for a job that requires Java, Python and C++, these skills should be clearly listed in your “skills” section. Read the job description thoroughly.

Avoid waffling or clichés:

Remember the limited time recruiters are giving each CV? You need to get to the point immediately. If you are results focused, give examples to back up that statement. Highly qualified? Tell them why. A recruiter or hiring manager want to see tangible results or evidence not just fluff phrases.

Direct Applications:

Applying through career websites and portals are acceptable. However, if you really want to get your resume noticed you need to get it in the hand of the hiring manager or recruiter hiring for that position. Perhaps doing some research on LinkedIn or the company website for an email address (whether it be a relevant employers email address or an “apply@” will be beneficial. For larger companies this may be a little more difficult. A quick call into the company asking for an email address you can send your application can also work. Direct contact with the hiring manager or recruiter will get your resume a closer look than applying with the masses.

Ultimately, your persistence is the most important when it comes to job hunting. Keep applying every day and building your network. more well connected you are and the harder you work, the better your chances are at landing your dream job.