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How to Conduct Great Interviews

When it comes to interviewing candidates for a position; it’s important to remember that you to too are essentially being interviewed. Whilst you are evaluating to see if the candidate is the best fit for the position, you and the organisation are...

Employee Engagement – How Fundamental is it to your Organisation?

For any company that’s looking to be more effective and productive, increasing employee engagement should be a primary focus. Genuine engagement is achieved when your employees not only care about their own self performance, but also care about the...

Personality VS Skills – What’s your hiring ‘Deal Breaker’?

"Personality always wins over book smarts. Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can't train a personality." – Sir Richard Branson It is often considered that a good leader would rather hire someone who has the...

How effective are your Job Descriptions?

Your job description is essentially your ‘Sales Pitch’ for candidates. Sometimes Hiring Managers are too conscious of making their job sound compelling, that as a result the advert winds up being nothing like the role at hand, and leaves job-seekers...

The Positives of Rejection

Whether it’s your first application or your 100th, getting rejected from a job application never gets any less frustrating. It is often taken as a personal judgement, when really there could be multiple reasons, many of which are probably out of your...

The Benefits of Self-Management

We all currently have or used to have a Manager at some point in our career. But what about the way you manage yourself? How do you organise yourself, remain motivated, and maintain self-discipline? It seems like a lot to remember. Here are a few tips...

What You need to Know before writing Your First Resume

The process of writing your first CV may seem very daunting. Your CV needs to tell employers what you’re good at, what you are interested in and what you’ve achieved in life so far. Each time you send out your CV or apply for a job, it's your chance...

How to prepare for your Job Interview

Making a good first impression at an interview is key. You want to impress, prove you are the perfect fit for the company, say the right things but not too much, and be your best professional self. Remembering all of this but remaining relaxed can...

Self Organisation: How efficient are you?

Deadlines, ongoing projects, business meetings, it's very easy to for you to be constantly swamped at work. Sometimes the biggest struggle can be knowing which task to prioritise and how to stay on top of everything to ensure nothing slips through...

Will AI Technology be a Game Changer for the Recruitment Industry?

What’s next for recruiting? AI has barely hit its prime when it comes to the benefits it can bring to recruiting and the talent acquisition world. One of the main benefits of having AI within the Recruitment industry, will mean turning quantity into...

Achieving the right Work-life Balance

In a fast-paced business world, it’s not easy getting the right work-life balance. As we’ve become more reliant on technology it’s also becoming difficult to separate work from our personal lives. So, how can employers help staff achieve this and...

Does Your CV blend in or Stand Out?

The ability to get the edge over other job seekers has never been tougher. A Hiring Manager or Recruiter can receive hundreds of CV's a day to review. Therefore, they are unable to give each individual CV the time they deserve to be studied. So as...
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